Best Online Porn Games

March 6, 2017

Pornography and Video Games – a match made in heaven and both still remain predominantly male. Gaming is an interactive representation of the real world where gamers who may be socially awkward in real-life, are able to build online personas that carry the attributes that they may lack but wish that they do. Gamers take control of the environment they’re in and are able to showcase their prowess against other players. Gaming becomes an outlet to express pent-up emotions thru participating in violent games. They’re able to practice their tactical know-how thru strategy games and build relationships based on solely based on game-based virtual interactions.

This, of course, extends to sex. Men, in general, are carnal in nature. They enjoy sex in any form – the act itself, reading about it or even watching it. This is the reality that led to pornography. From the humble beginnings of print porn consumed in isolation to a community based activity with the boom of internet porn, pornography has evolved alongside technological breakthroughs. Internet porn, with its interactive features of text or video chats and live webcams, made pursuing pleasure a more gratifying experience. Porn sites are also tailor-fitted to anyone’s distinct tastes. There is always one that will suit your every need.

Individually, gaming and pornography are interactive platforms that underwent numerous upgrades and face-lifts throughout the years. They’re making waves by themselves and continue to grow with explosion of several sites for each. So, the birth of online porn games was inevitable. Combining both into a single activity seduced enthusiasts with the promise of satisfying two sensory needs in one go. It was a turn-on for the multi-tasking generation.

The same exponential growth was seen with online porn games. This can perhaps be attributed to the fact that online porn games have stuck true to the basic qualities of both gaming and pornography that attracted a following in the first place. Being a game based website, online porn game users need to make certain selections for partners and adventures. They undergo different missions or challenges to get a prize. The higher the level, the better the prizes. This is where the sex comes in. Rewards range from either a stripped piece of clothing to the actual act itself.

Game scenarios like pornography offer a wide selection of erotica – from basic strip tease, straight sex, lesbian, Hentai, anal and BDSM. Online porn games have evolved from simple text based sex games to 3D and Virtual reality sex games that continue to thrive on the internet. Sex wasn’t only accessible but became amusing as well.

This appeal is not lost in women. Although still a minority in the fields of sex and gaming, there’s a number of women who take interest in pleasures of the body and enjoy playing online games. Same with men, women gamers play to extend social interacting into the online world and use it as a vehicle to build either friendly or sexual relationships. Online porn gaming sites provided alternatives to actual porn sites that oftentimes focus on images of veined penises excessively pounding ass. Women gamers find the tasks performed in online porn games both titillating and challenging.

There are hundreds of online porn games available in the web and everyday, a new one is launched. Three of the commonly played by women are:

Pussy Saga is one of the well-known Hentai games that revolves around a love fairy requesting for assistance to save her professor from his sadistic captor. This game is more for the curious rather than the hard core online porn game enthusiasts. The game runs like choose-your-own ending book and some of the challenges are somewhat vanilla. This is probably one of the safest bet for those who are interested to start in online porn gaming.

Girlvania is a straightforward game that emphasizes on pleasing the girl by doing different sex acts from simple boob fondling, fingering and using sex toys until she cums. Each stage has different activities that, if completed, gives users full access to play with Girlvania. The best thing about it is that it offers 4 different views of the act and can adjust it to one’s liking.

3D Sex Villa 2 is an adult cybersex game that lets its users experience 3D hardcore virtual sex simulation. It feels as real as it can get. If you’re into role-playing games hyped up with fancy locations, sexy avatars and sex-upped toys, then 3D Sex Villa 2 is the game for you. But as exciting a game it is, the allure is lost when you have to pay a load of cash to get them.

Online porn games are thrilling in themselves. The 3 above are some of best and popularly played from the long list of available ones out there. If you’re into milf sex and want to find users to play with online then check our Milf Swiper. Milf Swiper is # is milf sex and milf pussy and you’ll surely find a user to play with and get milf pics from! To find the best online porn game for you it is wise to have an idea of what makes a good porn for you, be able to identify the level of interaction you’re looking for, check how much you’re willing to experiment and more importantly, your level of comfort in the whole thing. Happy clicking!

Classic NES Hacks 2017

March 3, 2017

If you’re into retro consoles, you probably have a classic NES on your shelf right now. The impressively-small gaming system accurately recreates all the fun you’ve had when you were a kid. Despite garnering all sorts of praises though, the console isn’t perfect – it actually has a couple of problems, ranging from the limited game capacity to the awkward way of accessing the home screen.

Well, fortunately for those who are willing to tinker with their NES, hackers are activity trying to get more out of the console – and they’re succeeding so far. Soon, tutorials on how to carry out the hacks on your own might get published on the web, meaning you’ll have the chance to finally give your minute gaming system a free upgrade. For now, if you’re just interested to learn about the latest hacks, just continue reading.

Getting More Games

It’s practically guaranteed that many of your favorite titles are included in the console’s built-in game library. However, one of the best things about the original NES is that it lets you collect more games – you’ll only have to purchase a new cartridge and you’re finally ready to begin a new pixelated adventure. With the classic NES, doing that is literally impossible since it doesn’t support cartridges at all.

Thanks to the efforts of hackers though, the console can now be loaded with hundreds of games, but only digitally. This still means that you’ll finally be able to re-experience those rather obscure titles you fell in love with during your childhood. Here’s another thing that should make you smile – guides on how to expand the console’s library are beginning to pop up on YouTube, most of which will require you to utilize a program called Hakchi2.

Do keep in mind that once you start tinkering with the gaming system’s software, you’re basically voiding your warranty. Also, even if most ways of hacking the console do work, there’s always a chance that you’d end up with an expensive paperweight – just imagine what would happen if you were dumping the modified NES software and someone suddenly trips over the power cord (just like in the old days, but with a more serious effect).

Home Improvement

As mentioned, another problem with the console is the poorly-designed way of accessing the home screen. Although you’ll most likely be next to the console while you’re playing (meaning the Reset button should be within arm’s reach), you will eventually get tired of the entire process – especially if you find it necessary to save often while tackling some of the more difficult NES titles.

Hackers solved this dilemma by adding an unofficial shortcut command to the gaming system’s gamepad program. The latest hack will only require you to press Down and Select simultaneously. There would no longer be any need to push the Reset button – a process which most certainly leads to wear. How did they do this? Well, the initial method they used is surely something that most novices won’t be willing to try.

Fortunately, they’ve made a streamlined approach, which would only require you to use a specific program – yes, you’ll be using Hakchi2 once more. Would you be able to choose whether to modify your console’s software? Is there an option to prevent the program from adding ROMs into your NES? No and none – that is until someone decides to tinker with Hakchi or writes a new patch specifically for the home screen problem.

Future Hack Trends

What’s next for these adventurous hackers? Well, they might try solving the console’s gamepad support problem. As you may already know, the classic NES is currently compatible with the NES Classic Controller (which it ships with) and the two official gamepads for the Wii. The problem here though, lies in the fact that you can’t use the miniature gaming system unless one of the gamepads plugged in is a NES Classic Controller.

Surely, that isn’t an issue for those yearning for that fully retro feel. On the other hand, gamers who wish to beat the old classics with more recent input hardware will definitely be disappointed. Besides, the limitation means that enjoying two-player titles with a pair of relatively modern gamepads is impossible. The only reason Nintendo placed such a limiting feature is to ensure that they’d sell a lot more NES Classic Controllers.

Of Risks and Hacks

Once again, before you search the web for the easiest NES-hacking tutorials, keep in mind that you’re going to risk your investment if you wish to improve it through unofficial means. So, think hard – do you prefer a console with its true potential unlocked, or are you fine with something that’s fully-functional yet somewhat lacking?